BiomassMolecular EngineeringCenter (BMEC)isan interdisciplinary research centerestablished by Anhui Agricultural University (AHAU)to promote sustainable research invarious aspects of biomass utilization.Ourmission is to transform renewable naturalproducts into valuable chemicals,functionalpolymers,advancedmaterials andbiomassenergy via innovative research,to providehigh-quality educationforgraduates,and tofosterinterdisciplinary collaborationbyattracting talent scholarsallaround the world. BMEC is aimingtoformseveralinterdisciplinary research groups that have expertise invarious areas includingchemistry, polymer sciences, synthetic biology andmaterialsengineering. BMEC has a broad interest intackling key challengesinvolving a diverse profile of biomass including biopolymers such ascellulose,lignin, polysaccharide,molecular biomass such as plant oils,terpenes, acids, esters.Our current research focuses are including:

(1)Biobased polymers and bioinspired materials;

(2)Biobased nanomaterials;

(3)Chemical catalysis and synthetic biology of biomass;

(4)Biofuels, biodiesels and platform chemicals.

       Adress:Anhui Agricultural University No.130 West Changjiang Road,Hefei,Anhui,China

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